memit Is Coming To San Francisco Next Week- Meet The Team!

We are excited to be working with memit - a Scandinavian based startup within the personal knowledge management space. memit turns your existing cloud-storage service, like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, into a one-click-easy-to-use visual research and social publishing PowerStation. 

memit is a unique service that helps you collect, publish and track your knowledge content across your preferred platforms and services.

They are getting great feedback from their beta-users (80% of uses engage memit every other day).

 (I'm sure you heard of Springpad closing its doors, now memit is attracting all their users.)



Founders: CEO Jan Futtrup, product evangelist and CTO Rune Alblas, a world-class engineer. Successful serial entrepreneurs with million dollar exists and with 15 years of experience in the web content and knowledge management industry.

Management team (as of September 2015) includes Martin Frid-Nielsen, former founder and CEO of compe- titor –, and Silicon Valley technology Blogger, Hermione Way. 

The team will be in SF next week (17th -21th) - email to explore bus dev opportunities.