Helping the 'Toms for Water' expand in the USA.

We have always loved the profit + social impact model championed by Toms shoes. 

So when we met Edwin Broni-Mensah, the founder of Give Me Tap we were excited to help this enthusiastic Brit expand stateside. 

Give Me Tap's water bottle's are £12 ($20). Once you buy a bottle you can find the nearest water station via their app with partners who are signed up to their networks.  In the UK there are currently 500 partners signed up to their networks who also love the service for sending more foot traffic through their doors. 

The profits from the bottle you buy go to giving one person clean drinking water in the developing world and have the double effect of helping eradicate plastic bottles that are continuously clogging our oceans and landscapes.

Follow them on Twitter @givemetap and if you would like to get involved either as an investor or as a partner email