Apple acquiring Beats: Proof that good marketing can sell shit products.

By now you've heard the news Apple plans to buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion. It's a story that's had the Internet up in arms wondering why a finesse hardware company like Apple is buying the manufacturer of celebrity loved headphones.

Speak to any audiophile and they will tell you that the quality of Dr Dre's endorsed Beat's products are renowned in the music industry for having terrible sound quality compared with competitors like Monster Cable.

But how has this hardware company that has over 60% of the world's headphone markets managed to be generation Y's favourite headphone of choice?

Beats has triumphed on celebrity marketing over hardware quality, with HUGE margins that saw its company's revenue at $1.billion this year. 

Retailing between $100-$299 when it costs the manufacturer as little at $14 to make. 

Their strategy exactly?

Partnerships with celebrities that gave the headphone's personality in a world of minimalist white, boring Apple dominated earbud market.

Proof that good PR and marketing can sell any shitty product on the planet. 

Ps: Did we tell you we want to do your PR & Marketing?