Chinese Billionaires Are Investing In Silicon Valley Startups And Want You To Know About It.

This week I've received a few different mails about Chinese Internet billionaires wanting to invest in Silicon Valley startups and also wanting everyone in the world to know about it. 

Tomorrow at Plug And Play tech Centre in SunnyVale The Dark Horse Competition will pit the top Chinese tech entrepreneurs against their American counterparts for funding and access to the China market.

Their press release says" China investors have invested "more than US$6bn into private US-based tech firms in Q1 2014* alone and it is set to rise even further on June 13th 2014 ."

Of course we are not familiar of these Chinese billionaires but I verified with my journalist friend Yin Jenkin Xia, who works for the TechCrunch of China PingWest, that yes, in fact these guys are a big deal: 

●  Wu Xiao Guang - CEO of Tencent ecommerce / Senior Executive VP Tencent inc

●  Yao Jinbo - Founder

●  He Boquan - Co-founder 7 Days Group

●  Luo Zhaoxing - Chairman of biggest online lottery ticket platform

●  Dai Zhikang - Partner of Sequoia Capital China and Morningside

This also co-insides with another Chinese event next Friday put on by PingWest where I will be speaking about Vibease.

You can check out the competition and find out how to attend here: