Seed Investing In Female Founded Startups

We have been reading a lot about how there is a lack of funding for female led startups. We read a great post on Women 2.0 that inspired us to put our money where our mouth is. 

My husband and I have decided to invest $10k into female founded startups.

We know it's not much, but we also know that getting that first check for $500 - $1000 is often worth more than just the money, it's about someone believing in you, validating your idea and can give you the first boost of confidence needed to get get your company started.

We are looking to invest in super early stage startups, can be across any vertical, but needs to have an MVP.

We are wanting to add more value than just the cash, any other help we can give with our network & contacts, background in media and tech and getting product to market we will share with you.

We will be looking at startups to invest until the end of this year. 

Please share this with women in your network and tell them to reach out to me!