Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley

NEXT CONFERENCE: January 2016, Park City, Utah

Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley is an all day conference held during Sundance in Park City Utah. The conference brings together influencers from both Hollywood and Silicon Valley to discus the growing convergence between the two industries.

In partnership with FutureLeap Media and Steady On Productions the conference now in its 6th edition has featured some famed speakers including rapper and producer Jermaine Dupri, host of What's Trending Shira Lazar and director of the Jobs Movie David Traub. This year's conference saw panelist Justin Simien, Director of Dear White People, go on to win the prestigious Sundance Best Newcomer award. 


In 2012/13 the Startup World team travelled to 25 cities throughout Africa, North and South America and Europe to find the world's best startup. 

The aim of Startup World's global competition was to highlight the growing global startup ecosystems and bring press to tech centres outside of Silicon Valley. 

The competition generated over 170 pieces of press articles and a mini-docu series about each city that hosted the competition. 

Sponsored by American Airlines, Tropo, Eventbrite and Rackspace the project is now in the process of white-labeling our competition process and working with a number of corporations on helping with their Developer outreach through running global events. 

The site will also be relaunched in 2014 as a news site keeping track of growing startup ecosystems around the world. 

Launched in 2008 Newspepper started as an education portal to train media students in digital journalism.

The company pivoted giving paid internships to students in media, and it pivoted again in 2009  to grow into an Internet video production company making and marketing videos for clients such at BBC, Facebook, PayPal,The British Parliament and becoming a specialist in setting up live Internet TV studios 

The company became a specialist in setting up live Internet TV studios at conferences such as Le Web in Paris and SXSW in Austin Texas.  

Newspepper grew to a full-time staff of four with 250 freelance videographers, presenters and editors on their books. 

Techfluff.tv launched in 2008 as a lighthearted look at London's growing technology scene. The site was sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Flip and Splendid, the site was sponsored by TechCrunch Europe. 

It will be relaunched as a satirical look at the world's growing and often ridiculous technology scene. 


Reach: 1million + 


The same operating system used to run your phone, will now run and drive your car. We are entering a new auto age where cars are driven by computers. TechDrive is a news site/blog covering the convergence between cars and technology. We are particularly excited that much of this innovation is coming from Silicon Valley companies, like Tesla, who are innovating in not only the way we power our cars but also the complete driving experience.